Sunday, September 18, 2011

Popping Like A Tropical Bird in the Jungle

It has been quite a while since I last wrote a book review, and for that I apologize for my disappearance. But enough excuses! Today, this blog post is a book review on an interesting book I recently finished, titled Hot House Flower & the 9 Plants of Desire by Margot Berwin.
hard cover version
Written in first person narrative, this novel focuses on the spiritual journey of a Lila Nova, who is a 32 year old divorcee living in downtown NY. After spending some time wandering around Union Square, Lila finds a plant vendor who introduces her to the world of exotic plants. After that, Lila ends up surrounding herself with the mystical and spiritual aura of plants, discovering all sorts of crazy spiritual happenings. Through out the book, Berwin makes sure to express a strong sense of spirituality not only in the plants Lila discovers but in the metaphors and symbolism behind them. Each chapter there is an image of a plant with a description of it or a refrain hinting at what Lila might do next. Of course, there are moments where I question whether to dislike or like Lila for the irrational actions she makes. In the end , I found there is so much more that I loved or found interesting in this novel I lost a bit a focus on Lila. Like for example, Armand, the old man who helps Lila on her adventure finding the 9 plants of desire; has a few or rather many of the great quotes in this book. There is even a recipe on how to make chocolate out of cacao beans. I definitely would recommend this book to any other person whose into spiritual romantic adventures that have more substance than the sex scenes in it, which this novel sure had a few erotic moments. Nevertheless, this novel is worth getting hooked on.

Til Next Book Review,
Miss Bobo

P.S. check out the book trailer!