Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Don't Breathe A Word! (OR Else!)

I've been holding unto this for too long! *unbuckles and sighs*
SO, remember that book trailer I posted back in March as a hint? Well here it is! Ideally the hint was actually the author rather than the book (I really wasn't going to give it all away you know!). I figured to throw you guys off the loop and trick you. But anywho back to the mystery at hand:

courtesy of jennifer-mcmahon.com
Written in third person narrative, Don't Breathe A Word is a suspense novel written by Jennifer McMahon (who had also written Dismantled: hence the hint) following the story of a girl, Phoebe, getting wrapped in the mystery of a girl gone missing. As Phoebe continues to investigate what happened to this missing girl, she ends up getting mixed up in the mystery of the town. 

At first, reading the blurb and the first few pages, I inferred that the book was about faeries and a whole quest to save the girl who went missing since the concept of faeries is brought up in the beginning. However, as I continued to read it, I realized there was no way to affirm that faeries were even involved. McMahon really did a creative job in blurring the line between reality and fantasy. The way the book starts is great because it involved a random occurrence resulting into indirectly and directly affecting the main character's personal life. But at the same time, the beginning remains as a random occurrence rather than coming back and revealing more.

Even at the end, it was confusing in understanding the characters themselves. It really is one of those WTF! books with subtleties in which you finish the book and just have this quizzical moment of 2 minutes trying to figure out what happened and what is going to happened.  Near the ending, the story unraveled into an interesting twist showing more of a realistic view of what really is insanity. 
It ended in a cliff ending with a question between the lines of whether faeries are real or not while also playing with the idea of whether the main character is insane. Not going to lie I was a bit traumatized. 

Maybe reading this review will still be confusing which at that point I will suggest to read it and see what you think. I still go with Jackie Chan on this (in a good way?). 

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