Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bonechiller (A Book Review)

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Holly ho everyone! Hope everyone is doing all right.

Currently I have been trying to catch up on this reading challenge of 50 books before the year ends and so far I have been able to squeeze in some books during the past two weeks. Which means: there are a couple of book reviews on the way.

And this is numero uno.

Written in first person narrative; this book tells the story of Danny, a teen boy, who has moved with his dad from Toronto to Harvest Cove; a small town where nothing ever happens.
One night while cruising with his new friends, he meets a "strange creature" that no one has ever seen before. He comes back home terrified and discovers legends around this creature. At first, Danny tries to disregard such a creature exists but as he tries to forget, he soon realizes he can't and now he will have to face it in order to survive and save his friends.

The creature itself was interestingly disgusting in description which helped in finishing the book. However, I don't like the way the author transitioned from the main character's normal routine to this creature. It is weak and barely visible. And the author could have done better.

Just for the monster, I won't label it as a bad apple. However, I would hesitate in recommending it to anyone unless any of you are monster lovers.

(check out the book trailer made by a fan.)

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