Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tiger's Curse (A Book Review)

picture courtesy of lytherus.com
I have spent quite some time reading this book called Tiger's Curse even while I posted the latest news on The Mortal Instruments film production.

Written in first person narrative by Colleen Houck, Tiger's Curse is the story of a girl who goes on an adventure with a tiger after working in the circus he was residing in. She gets pretty much ensnared by his "cobalt blue eyes" not realizing that the tiger has more of a story to tell. He is part of a curse that is up to her to break.

Reading this book, I found romance and adventure that reminded me a little bit of Indiana Jones. Even the main character herself, Kelsey, noticed it and made a comment in the book towards that respect. However, I found myself more interested in the adventure than the romance. The romance seems t0o cheesy for me to really get into. There is also some humor here and there but not enough to give the book more of the spark it deserves.

Nevertheless, Houck did a great job in including mystical parts of Indian culture within the book while still holding the main character's belief in the universe. I liked the fact that there was a theme with bringing spiruatility to life. Remembering those scenes now, I think adapting this book into a film will give it less credit than it deserves. (Then again you never know).  What was interesting to me is that there is a mixture of Asia and India at some point within some of the characters. The novels I have read that deal with curses have always been centered in one culture. Buuuuuuut......

Although this book may have been a New York Times Bestseller, it seems the content is more of a preteen to early high school material. I would say the equivalent of eating a gourmet cupcake from Bon. I can only recommend it as a snack you can finish within 3 days to a week. Of course since this is a series I would also recommend taking a break within books, the sugar (*cough* romance *cough*) may be a bit too much.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hey there book lovers! Hope your summer is starting well. There is some interesting mysterious news going around lately. 

the book series (courtesy of hippiesbeautyandbooks blog)
For those of you who have read The Mortal Instrument series composed by Cassandra Clare: The Mortal Instruments will be adapted into film. Yes, folks, adapted into film. It is now in the process of production to be later on released next summer. And there is already two actors assigned for the main characters.
Lily Collins
(courtesy  We Fancy Books Blog)
Lily Collins (Mirror, Mirror) will be playing Clary Fray and Jamie Campbell Bower (Sweeney Todd) will be playing Jace Wayland. There are already rumors that Chris Riggi (Vampires Suck) will be playing Alec Lightwood. As for the rest, there is still a casting process going underway. The film is said to be mostly filmed in New York and Toronto but settings along with the role casting may still be changed since it is in its beginnings. 

However, for you New York and Toronto fans: there will be look outs and hiring of extras. If you want to be part of this production and maybe even get paid for it, you can check Acting-Auditions site for more news and updates.

Personally, I am not much of a fan of book-into-film transformation. BUUUUUT, I do recommend for those who haven't read the series, to check it out. This series is epic in delivering supernatural action packed adventure with some romance as a side dish. I haven't finished reading or keeping up to date with the series since City of Glass, but I will be finishing this summer with the accomplishment of keeping up to date with it (expect the review this fall!).
Jamie C. Bower
(courtesy of We Fancy Books  blog)

As for now, just hold on to your seats: this is going to be quite a surprise. (I really had to be corny! lol)

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Unidentified (A Library Find)

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The summer is up with exciting new adventures both outdoors and indoors (especially indoors). On a rainy day is good to grab a few books at your local bookstore or library. So be prepared, this summer is packing.

Recently, I picked out a few books in the YA section at random and found this one.

Written in first person narrative this book shows a world in which school is a game composed by companies selling and marketing products to not only the kids but also the adults. Each student gets a chance to improve their skill by creating, designing and even modeling for the companies they get sponsorship from. Classes are no longer about the basics (i.e math, english, biology); it's about the bonus points.
 The main character, Katey, aka "Kid", gets smack dab in what seems to be a protest from a group who call themselves "The Unidentified." And just for kicks, (I am not kidding, this girl is a Nancy Drew), "Kid" ventures out to find out who are "The Unidentified" and what is their purpose within the Game. Little does she know what twisted Jump Shot ride is waiting for her. 

This book is Nancy Drew meets "A Brave New World." There is sarcasm within the voices in the characters you will appreciate and quirky language that might just be catchy. The writing is great in capturing the archetypes and the social setting of the basic day-to-day high school is captured juuust about right. Personally, this book will do well without being a series since the ending was nor cliff-hanging or cliche. However, your imagination will follow with how advanced the technology in here is depicted. I recommend this book for those days when you want a mental distracting mini adventure.