Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fire in Ice---Not Too Cheesy and All the Grits

picture courtesy of goodreads.com
*waves flag* Cheerio.

It's basically summer over here and I already hit the books. I am planning on some beach reads and definitely non-fiction.

And still talking about books: I just finished a fantasy book a few days back. All suspense, action, and a bad-ass female main character; Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs centers on Mercy Thompson, a were coyote, going on a rescue rampage yet again.

Married to an alpha werewolf, Mercy has her husband and a pack of wolves to worry about. She goes on an adventure to save her husband and the pack. Of course, as the series entails many are after her head and her life is now up for bidding to the highest bidder and the strongest fighter to fight her on a fight to the death.

I have followed this series for a while and have found myself an avid fan with all the action, back talking, supernatural characters, dark humor, and sweet romance. However in this volume Briggs cuts short. The plot involves conspiracy which is great but the conspiracy itself is a-typical and given to you the reader before you get the chance to figure out who it is. It's the equivalent of watching Dora and having Dora answer the question before you got a chance to answer back. Bad Bad. Swiping rights should be up when a book is 340 pages and it involves a typical cat and mouse chase like this one.

This book is perfect for a snack read, otherwise don't count on fireworks with this one.

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Miss Bobo