Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tiger's Curse (A Book Review)

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I have spent quite some time reading this book called Tiger's Curse even while I posted the latest news on The Mortal Instruments film production.

Written in first person narrative by Colleen Houck, Tiger's Curse is the story of a girl who goes on an adventure with a tiger after working in the circus he was residing in. She gets pretty much ensnared by his "cobalt blue eyes" not realizing that the tiger has more of a story to tell. He is part of a curse that is up to her to break.

Reading this book, I found romance and adventure that reminded me a little bit of Indiana Jones. Even the main character herself, Kelsey, noticed it and made a comment in the book towards that respect. However, I found myself more interested in the adventure than the romance. The romance seems t0o cheesy for me to really get into. There is also some humor here and there but not enough to give the book more of the spark it deserves.

Nevertheless, Houck did a great job in including mystical parts of Indian culture within the book while still holding the main character's belief in the universe. I liked the fact that there was a theme with bringing spiruatility to life. Remembering those scenes now, I think adapting this book into a film will give it less credit than it deserves. (Then again you never know).  What was interesting to me is that there is a mixture of Asia and India at some point within some of the characters. The novels I have read that deal with curses have always been centered in one culture. Buuuuuuut......

Although this book may have been a New York Times Bestseller, it seems the content is more of a preteen to early high school material. I would say the equivalent of eating a gourmet cupcake from Bon. I can only recommend it as a snack you can finish within 3 days to a week. Of course since this is a series I would also recommend taking a break within books, the sugar (*cough* romance *cough*) may be a bit too much.

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