Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some Books To Discover!

the Penguin edition
Sorry I have left you guys hanging for the past month. Life is no easy feat. I will be doing some book reviews on some classics since I have not really dwell in them outside of school. Hopefully I will be able to read them and post a review. One of them I just started is called Of Mistresses, Tigresses and Other Conquests by Giacomo Casanova, who was "a writer, adventurer, soldier, free thinker, con man, gambler, gourmand, violinist, lottery director, and spy" who also "consorted with many notable figures of his day. " I barely know much of him besides the little paragraph in the book. Which means most likely, I will  be researching in due time and giving a background scope on his life and what he did. So far, I am on the first few pages in which he explains that he isn't a bad person and believes in God. Already reading that I am inferring that things are just going to get really heated for him to have written this especially before he died in 1798! Things might just get scandalous! This is short so it won't be too long before I write a review on this. But for now please be patient.

Til Next Book Review,
Miss Bobo

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