Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Run, Witch, Run!

So you want a brain snack for your bookworm noggin' and find yourself thinking 350 pages are just too much for you (at the moment anyway)? Don't sweat it (really don't), because I just finished reading a wonderful noggin snack perfect for a short train ride or just passing by some minutes.
Written in third person narrative by Vivian Vande Velde, Magic Can Be Murder has the magical triple combo of mystery, murder, and magic taking place during the time of Salem Witch Trials.
soft cover copy (even cheaper as an e-book)
Following the story of Nola, a teen witch who learns the hard times of being a witch-in-the-closet, this novel takes the cake as one of Velde's great desserts for any witch-lover out there.
Starting from a flashback of Nola's childhood, you get the deal that being a witch-in-the-closet was rather...tricky. From then on, you follow "the present" of Nola as a teenager who is constantly on the run with her mother because of the voices her mother hears. Yes, you did not read wrong, her mother hears voices and what is worse is out right vocal about it, embarassing Nola and in turn, leading Nola to cover her with the whole "she's losing her wits" line.
Although, most parts of this book don't get too serious, there is still a view of what it was like to be on the road in the 1600's with no cars or anything but yourself and your "wits" to help you through.
Nola's character is surprisingly relatable and witty despite the time setting of the novel. And the mystery aspect of this book will be fulfilling enough to make you think more of Nancy Drew than Agatha Christie mysteries.
But don't get too serious, because as mentioned before, there is humor splashed here and there that at least will make you chuckle..
Be warned that with it's charming ending, this novel still gives the after effects of wanting more. Vivian Vande Velde must have known what she was doing when she set the ending, especially when it takes a witty twist on the "happily ever after." Again three words: great snack read.

Til Next One,
Miss Bobo

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