Monday, July 9, 2012

Faithful Place (A Book Review)

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During summer nights when there is a thunder storm and its raining lightly or there is a foggy area you might be the person who likes to get all cozy while flipping pages on a good mystery.

This pretty one will give you a good mystery. Written in first person narrative by Tana French, this mystery novel takes place in Dublin where Francis Mackey [a detective] loses his heart to a girl named Rosie Daly. He was planning to leave his family with the love of his life and she never came. Twenty years pass and Francis has not forgotten about what happened that night or the memories shared with Rosie even after becoming a cop. .....Until, he gets a call of her suitcase being found. After that Francis pretty much goes batshit (excuse my language!) crazy on figuring out what happened to Rosie Daly that night.

 As I kept reading I found myself deep in this one, following Francis' moves as he kept putting the pieces together. Being an undercover detective; he did a great job figuring out what happened to Rosie Daly. There were many things in the book that took me by surprise. There were twists that I didn't have a chance to even figure out. I was too busy getting into the book and following Francis that I didn't reflect much.

French does a good job in writing a realistic personal voice that not only leads you in but also takes you inside his mind. Brings you in memories of something that was dear to him and had deeper meaning within his reactions. He didn't just tell you, he showed you. But....(yes there is a but) I found that French took too long in delivering the events of murders and the murderer itself. There was some unnecessary dramatic entrances but the ending was the icing. It wasn't just some happy ending. There was grief, there was awkwardness in dealing with the aftermath of the events that happened. I liked that. So, I definitely recommend this book for a good mystery read.

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