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Unraveling Isobel (Book Review)

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I remember back when I reviewed Possessed, mostly a quasi ghost story I lost anticipation in. It was all right for amounting to the suspense in a lot of moments but where was the huge wisp of mystery? Anywaaaaays, talking about ghost stories, just  a few days ago I finished reading another ghost-story novel titled Unraveling Isobel by Eileen Cook.

Written in first person narrative, this novel is about Isobel, 17 years old, who is dealing her last year as a minor living with her mom, her new husband, Richard, and Richard's hot son. Isobel really didn't want to leave her home in Seattle to live with Richard (a.k.a "Dick"). Plus the fact that she is still thinking about going to art school despite her mother's rejection to it. However, as Isobel stays at Richard's house she starts experiencing things that set her on the brink of questioning her sanity.

Within reading the first page of this book, I was in giggles. Isobel's character is relateable and there are no hints on what comes next. OF COURSE, there is a whole subtlety to "Dick" in the way he acts that eventually you get it. I like that Cook put good humor within the characters and the events that happen throughout the book, enough to entertain but not throw off the plot. There were moments where I was taken by the unexpected. I liked that I couldn't guess right what was going to happen next. However, the ghost part of the book wasn't too much to really freak me out. The ending was just the icing on the cake. I still recommend it in case there is a mood for some dark humor and a mystery literary scooby snack gone not-too-stale.

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