Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stolen (book review)

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There are some books that can make you laugh, explode, and maybe even cry. There are books for all sorts of occasions and of course there are ones that catch you by surprise.

This one most certainly took me by surprise.

Written by Lucy Christopher in the first person narrative of Gemma, Stolen is her letter, or rather her story, of being kidnapped and loving her kidnapper. Throughout the book you see all that happened through Gemma's eyes.

This book is not your conventional YA novel. It's realistic in the aspect of depicting something that happens not too rarely. People go missing and sometimes they come back. But it is always unsure what really happened if sometimes the victim doesn't speak.

 I love the fact that Lucy Christopher doesn't make the kidnapper, Ty, as this guy who is only looking to rape Gemma and do all sorts of other atrocities that you see in the media. Christopher makes Ty as this character who has a troubled past just like any other human being, through Gemma's lenses. I had to pause in between chapters because it was just so disturbing and yet I felt like I was there with Gemma. The idea of being kidnapped and always wondering what is going to happen to you and who in reality is this kidnapper; is scary. And interesting enough the whole book is a letter to the kidnapper which make it more interesting in the way the story is drawn. It's written in a past tense voice but yet it is descriptive in almost a present tense voice. I really don't know whether to recommend or not; this book just left me speechless....Now, that I think about it, if any of you read Speak by Anderson and liked this book: you might get deeper with this one. If you're not afraid to shed some tears or get mildly distracted by a deep story like this, I suggest you try it.

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P.S. sorry to confuse you on the whole to recommend or not, this book is just...wow. Still think you should try it. 

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