Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jiu Jiu v.1 (book review)

Hey guys hope December is treating you well wherever you may be. Recently, with this upcoming winter break I got a chance to check out a few books to crack on some book reading.
A few of them I have already started reading them on the side until I can go full blown book worm mode aaaaaand I got to finish one of them.

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Now, this is a first since the beginning of this blog because I usually review fiction rather than comic books or graphic novels. So as a first: here is my review on a manga I picked up yesterday.

Titled Jiu Jiu (story and art done by Touya Tobina), this manga starts with the growth of Takamichi who is put in charge as a demon hunter after her twin brother passed away. As years go on, her father finds two puppies and puts them in Takimichi's care. She calls them Snow and Night and takes care of them for 3 years. As she gets older she starts high school and spends less time with them. Puppies now turned into grown dogs, find themselves in a struggle to stay by her side.

As you can tell by the plot, it is a shoujo story 9meaning that the target audience is young girls). Personally, I do know a few guys who do read shoujo so it isn't a big deal. But with shoujo mangas like Vampire Knight and Absolute Boyfriend, its a bit hard to distinguish yourself in the genre when the main point is about a girl finding love (or so is the usual trend in this genre).

Anywhoo...I found this graphic novel more cute than comical and there were instances in which there wasn't much of transitioning in character growth. I liked the concept of a girl being put in charge of her dead brother's job and found that her character was aggressive in action sequences. Nevertheless, its cute just not that big of a deal. This would probably go well for a girl who is in her preteen-early teen years and who had just started getting into japanese graphic novels.

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