Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry 2013 and a New Start (book review) (possible SPOILER Alert!)

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HAPPY NEW YEAR *honks the horn and dances in confetti* Wish you all the best on this year of
2013. Oh and lets not forget we survived the impending doom of an apocalypse! WOOOO!

And to start off 2013. Here is a book review I promised before:

The second installment of Beautiful Creatures that follows the story of Lena & Ethan Wate. Lena is a Caster and Ethan Wate a mere mortal. When Ethan met her, Lena was in the midst of a countdown in which she had to make a choice
that will compromise members of her family. And to top it all off, Ethan gets caught in the plans of one of the Dark Casters.

In Beautiful Darkness, Ethan & Lena begin to separate while Lena goes deeper in her grief after loosing a loved one in a Caster battle of powers. After the funeral, Lena starts to change little by little. When Ethan catches unto signs that things are going to get worse, Lena disappears. From there on it becomes a quest for Ethan to find Lena and help her decide where she belongs.

What was cool about this book, is that you see character development even through the eyes of Ethan. Beautiful Darkness is written in the first person narrative of Ethan Wate just as the one before it. However, the way it is written seems more third person narrative than first person. I was a little bored reading the beginning because of the whole relationship drama that came from the first book. But as I continued to read, the mystery and action that followed got me more interested. As a matter of fact, I actually finished this book after I was on my way home from New Years at Time Square (talk about hectic). When finished, I thought it helped to finish my night in the right way: reading a book. I know this book is nothing like the Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare but it sure is similar in the action and adventure aspect. I would still recommend it for those of you who love a good adventure with some romance. 

Til Next Blogpost & Happy New Year Wishes,
Miss Bobo

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