Friday, August 15, 2014

The Girl With the Golden Shoes

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Good day blog readers. I am still on the go reading books for the 2014 goodreads reading challenge. Yesterday, I borrowed the book 12 Years A Slave at my local library. I saw it and was curious to read it since the film adaptation of it was released. I have already started reading a few pages and it just astonishes me how much this guy's words can say. I'll be posting more upon finishing reading.

In the meantiiiime......I have finished reading a historical novel titled The Girl With the Golden Shoes.Written by Colin Channer, this book follows Estrella, a teen girl in San Carlos during 1942 who goes on a journey for a better life. Throughout her journey she meets different people and finds herself in different types of trouble.

Although, a light read for me; I really liked reading this book. I learned of different dialects used during those times and felt close to this girl. There is a mixture of conversation of first and third person narrative that provides a multi-faced perspective of what it was like during those times.

Estrella's voice is relatable for those who have experienced going alone on a journey to have a better life far from home. This is definitely different and Channer shows a depiction of history in such a small place; it is easy to almost assume this novel is actually based on a true story. (You never know it may have happened to someone else). If you like historical novels I suggest reading this book.

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