Friday, June 3, 2011

Double the Review: Another Deadly Book

With productions like The Godfather and the Sopranos everyone knows the stereotypes of gangsters:  tough guys in control of obtaining money illegally and taking out anyone who gets in their way.  They are seen as the ultimate villains and at odd times are never really given the chance to explain how they got to where they were. For Capac Raimi, that isn’t the problem
Written by Darren Shan in first narrative, Procession of the Dead takes place in an urban setting where in day it is like any other city but in the night becomes the City for dealings, dead bodies, and of course your typical brothel. In Capac Raimi’s case, this is the perfect place to accomplish his dream of becoming a notorious gangster. Taken under the wing of an unfamiliar uncle, Raimi begins his gangster journey not realizing what is in store for him.
Reading this book was like taking a step into the gangster world. With a casual voice in the beginning, I was glad that I couldn’t drop the book for more than a few minutes. Darren Shan knows how to put good use to folklore and irony so when you see a few names that give you a question mark, don’t worry you will find out why. This book is complete action and more. There’s unexpected drama, dark humor, mystery, fantasy and of course a bit of romance. The ending was a great touch and to add a cherry on top, there was an interview with Shan himself exposing a bit on the book.  I definitely recommend this book to anyone that likes some action and bordering mad characters. Oh, and FYI, this is the first book of the City series so expect me writing a review for the next one ;)

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