Monday, June 13, 2011

Books and Etc Galore

 So far, there are two book reviews coming up that you might not want to miss. In the mean time, I am also making some stuff while also reading the two mystery books. Along with being a book lover I am also a bookmark lover. Dog-earing books is irritating enough when you unfold and it becomes an invincible crease. So, instead of folding a page I get a nice spicy bookmark. However, its hard to spot a nice bookmark that isn't less than 5 dollars. Instead I make my own. Here is two I just recently made:

front view
back view

I find it fun making them because its a bit of a splash when opening my favorite book and seeing an awesome bookmark looking back at me. Already, one of my friends wants to buy them since she is big in DIY stuff. With the looks of it, I might just be in business.

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