Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Female Taboo Bomb: Catfight

I am not much of a fan of non-fiction but I am a third wave feminist. So when I found this title randomly standing out to me through the book shelves, I had to pick it up. Looking at the cover it almost seemed fictional to me until I read the blurb. Don’t be fooled, I don’t really buy into book blurbs, but the theme did catch my attention.  As always I started reading the actual first page of the introduction. It intrigued me and made me remember about an article in an issue of Glamour talking about competition between females and how it destroys the dynamic of female bonding. I always wondered why girls go out of their way to sabotage or dislike each other whether for a guy or a job instead of getting to know each other. 
Using examples both fictional and non fictional Lora Tanenbaum gives the reasons why both girls and women sabotage each other in Catfight: Women and Competition. Tanenbaum is not afraid to take the authority and discuss how it is.
I felt the whole entire book was an extended editorial fueled by the personal experience of the author. As a matter of fact, there were parts in books where the author included herself in example which gave the book a personal relateable touch to the book.
It gave me the more reason to continue reading what Tanenbaum had to say. There were a lot of good points she brought up such as the fact that girls hanging out with guys most definitely have the idea that is better hanging out with them than with other girls because of the competitive catty behavior associated with "girl friends"
This book wasn’t an eye opener because I already know the deal despite the fact that girls don't talk about it but it helped me clarify certain things about my fellow female peers and why there is so much competition for shoes and the attention of guys. I definitely ABSOLUTELY recommend it for all of my fellow confused gals who want to be friends with girls or who don't understand the catty behavior of their fellow girlfriends. 

Til next book review fellow book worms,
Miss Bobo

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