Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something Borrowed is Revisited (Book vs. Movie)

the movie

As promised, here in this blogpost is the compare and contrast of Something Borrowed (both the movie and the book). Sometimes it could be a bit disappointing to read a book and then watch the film version of the original work realizing the film wasn't going to go exactly as the written work.  I personally found myself exactly in that position. In the book, Darcy is quite a b*tch but at the same time is depicted to have a sense of humanity that equalizes her negative side. In the movie she was protrayed by Kate Hudson as a cartoon character: the typical female villain in most of its progression. However, for Rachel who was played by Ginnifer Goodwin , she was portrayed more headstrong than how she originally is in the book. That was  especially one good thing that brought up the movie: Rachel taking the balls to confront her emotions and grow as the movie progresses. And yes you see John Krasinski on the right of Kate Hudson as part of the entourage. He plays Ethan, the long-time best friend of both Darcy and Ethan. It was sad for me to see that he was actually saying what Hillary, another best friend, was saying to Rachel in the book. In the book, it is more empowering to hear it from a female perspective because of the situation Rachel didn't want to confront herself and Dex[the guy engaged to Darcy] about. Nevertheless, Krasinski's dialogue helped the movie with involving some humor and a bit of a twist to things. What I was mixed about was how Dex was portrayed in the movie. Played by the handsome Colin Egglesfield, Dex was played as this cheesy goody guy who is sensitive and whatnot. I thought the direction of the acting was bad because in the book Dex is more realistic. He isn't necessarily the sensitive guy. Even Marcus, the guy who is supposed to be close friends with Dex seems to me like a total sleazebag in the movie while in the book he is your regular guy caught in the whole love mess. I have no comment as to how Claire, who is more of Darcy's best friend is portrayed. The whole movie was a mess in the dialogue and in the characters because the actors only portrayed stereotypical archetypes instead of the realistic characters in the book. I did appreciate the fact that at the end Darcy and Rachel were able to end on a good note even if it didn't make sense or wasn't really fitting with the whole movie. Overall, the movie seemed as more of the Disney version of a book on a realistic situation than portraying the actual real situation of dealing with betrayal and the end of friendships in general.  

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