Friday, August 26, 2011

Vampires Still Amist

the hardcover cover
While I am cooking up that movie vs. book comparison I will continue to cultivate the usual random book reviews. Recently, I finished another supernatural novel. (I have a fancy for the supernatural especially vampires). When it comes to vampires in novels you know there is going to be some action. This is definitely the case with Meg Cabot’s Overbite; a novel written in third person narrative about vampires, redemption, ancient history, and of course some romance.
Taking place in present day New York, Overbite follows Meena, a psychic; her vampire lover, Lucien Antonescu; her brother, Jon; and her handsome co-worker, Alaric Wulf in an action drama against flesh eating vampires.  Although, Jon participates less in the action as the other characters, the action is just an added bonus to all the dramatic twists.
This novel would mostly be considered a supernatural mystery/romance because certain “criminals” are punished and eliminated and of course the protagonist gets the happy ending.  It would have been advisable for Meena to have been able to kick some butt just like the other characters instead of just having the brains to uncover the mystery. Nevertheless, Velma would be proud for her cookie smarts. If you are a vampire action lover you will definitely get sucked into this book. 

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