Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We always Want a Perfect Picture (Book Review)

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Having romantic relationships is something that happens every now and then throughout the seasons. It is nothing rare. However being in one can be a roller coaster ride. The whole having expectations to later be broken by the reality of finally seeing all the dimensions of that person; well that is nerve racking.

Reading Picture Perfect by Leila Sales brought me to that whole concept. Written in first person narrative, Picture Perfect is about a girl named Chelsea Glaser who is dealing with a bad break up and ends up working again at the same place she worked every other summer with her best friend, Fiona, to try to deal with it. But as life tends to be a total biotch, Chelsea ends up seeing her ex-boyfriend there and finds out that he will be working there for the summer too. From then on it gets crazy.

I really liked this book for it's witty humor and realistic characters. You have the main character who is someone who believes in the happily ever afters and dealing with the reality of not having it, which is a lot of girls nowadays. Meanwhile, her best friend is the opposite. There is good humor and "uh-oh" moments that took me by surprise. The romantic parts aren't cheesy and the whole adventure part in between was good to keep my interest going.

I personally think this book is really good to read after dealing with a break up; otherwise, it's a great book: try it anyway.

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