Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thank You & Some Hot Tamales!

Tally-ho Book Adventurers! I apologize for being M.I.A for the past few weeks. I have been caught in the tumults of life (school work) and a book I am reading which I will be reviewing very soon (hint: Santiago Gamboa). 
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Just want to state for the new followers: thank you for following and don't be scared to post a comment (whether good/bad). I welcome all opinions: as long as there are no insults. 

Books are a window to different worlds and universes; not everyone will like the same "trip" (OK, I don't make sense that much but bear with me >.<). So thank you again for following this blog :D

As for the hot tamales: some of you might be all too familiar with the movement that is going on online: indie self-published ebooks that have been posted on the kindle ebook section of
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So far, I have found myself confounded by 5 pages of the list of free ebooks online. I am still perusing as of this moment and have downloaded about 5 books. (And they're mine to keep *evil grin*). Oh, and for those of you who are always hesitant about hot books that are turned into movies (i.e Alex Cross, The Hunger Games): in the list of free books you will be able to find previews of those books. SOoooo, instead of buying the "hot" books you can preview them and see if you like them; if not you don't have to worry about wasting your money...cause its FREE!

And on another hot tamale: I just found out last week: the film adaptation for Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl is expected for release on February of next year. For those of you who are fans of the series, the date on the (which is where I got my source of information) says February 13 2013 as the release date (just in case you want to mark your calendar). 

I also saw the trailer and as a film adaptation: doesn't look bad. Then again, trailers can deceive people. Anywaaaays, I suggest to start recommending reading the original books (yep, it's a series alright) to your friends who are fantasy/paranormal romantics because it is a love story AND it would suck for them to see the movie and then read the book that way: the characters will be defined by the actors rather than them choosing as to how they would look like when they read the book. My professor for Film Rhetoric once said that it is better for the reader to have the power on how the characters look like in a book than defining them in appearances to the actors in the film version. Definitely agree on that.

For now, that's it folks

Til Next Blogpost,
Miss Bobo

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