Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boneshaker (A Steampunk Book Review)

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January has been an interesting month for me. So far I have finished 4 books and I am currently on reading some other books along with venturing on some non-fiction.

One of the 4 books, I finished was Boneshaker by Cherie Priest.

Taken place in Civil War America, this steampunk story covers the journey of a kid who is trying to find physical evidence of who his father really was after 17 years of his life hearing all sorts of stories about him. So he goes underground to the other side of town where zombies, pirates, and all sorts of crazy action occur. Meanwhile, his mother goes after him worried he will die in the process.

There is quite some action in this book along with mystery and suspense. I loved the zombie parts and found myself engaged in some of the life-or-death situations. However, for some reason I found the book a bit bland. I finished it but felt like it needed more spice. The ending pretty much saved it from being "blah" (and the zombies too). Otherwise, I wouldn't really give it much thought.

Since it is a series, I am going to try the other books but I am still skeptical if it will be better or in the same line of "ok". Besides that, I'd say why not try it. Maybe you will find it greater than how I found it.

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P.S. Here is an excerpt of the audiobook. Courtesy of YouTube.


  1. A SteamPunk novel with zombies? You don't hear about that everyday :P

  2. Yeah, I actually picked up for that. but if you like zombies, stay tuned for the next blogpost :D