Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trapped in a Bookstore

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*cues R&B music*
Almost had you there didn't I.

Now the title may remind you of an infamous urban opera but I won't be writing or posting any parody of that.

This blog post is a book review on a book I finished recently titled Allison Hewitt is Trapped by Madeleine Roux. 

As you can tell from the hands on the book cover and "zombie novel" on the bottom, it is a zombie story. It centers on the account of a girl, Allison Hewitt, who works at a bookstore and gets "trapped" there with her co-workers when a bunch of zombies attack the town. As she and her co-workers figure out a way to survive, Allison posts regularly on a blog in which she talks about her accounts of the day using the only internet network out there. 

To tell you the truth, when I looked at the cover of this book, I was really looking for a horror binge read. The equivalent of craving some candy corn when its not even Halloween. You just like candy corn (unless you don't then well..I am sorry T.T).

At first, I thought it would be one of those cheesy books where the whole book is following the main character in a library and surviving a day: like the premise of the film "The Day After Tomorrow." Once I read the first few pages, I found that it wasn't at all cheesy and that is when I got hooked. 

This book pulled me in with its narrative and writing style of "blog entries".  There were a few moments where I felt depressed reading, but once I got over that, I kept going. I was that hooked. I needed to know if Allison was going to make it and what happened to her life.

However there are a few cons (maybe?). There isn't extensive explicit gory details on how the zombies get decapitated or sex scenes. Yep, you read correctly this is a PG-13 type of book, which is surprising because I found this book in the adult fiction collection, but hey...whatever.
It hit the spot but it left a cliff-hanger ending of what happened to Allison. 

Point: if you're on a zombie fiction binge and you like strong female characters for main center, you can pick this one up. You'll find drama, loss, zombies, and different sorts of action. 

Til Next Blog Post,
Miss Bobo

P.S. By the way: check out this fan made trailer "based on the novel"

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