Monday, April 7, 2014

Mystery Scene on a London Train

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Rainy night over here, which is perfect for a good mystery. And talking about mysteries, I recently finished a mystery novel written by Agatha Christie.

I have always been interested in reading her novels because of how popular she continues to be. (Along with watching a Dr. Who episode involving the author).

I randomly picked this one and found myself in an adventure amidst a series. At first I hesitated: I don't like reading books in the middle of a series because of how most series tend to go in chronoligical order. And for me to read in the middle of a series is the equivalent of arriving at a party after the food has been eaten and all there is is scraps. Definitely don't want to be there.

Much to my delight, 4:50 From Paddington worked differently. Since it is a series there are references to previous volumes but this one doesn't follow any strict chronological order. Taking place in London during the 1950's; this novel follows the story of a murder taking place during a train ride witnessed by a Ms. McGillycuddy (a friend of the main character) who was on board a train going the opposite direction. From then on it's a puzzle to find out who got murdered and by who. 

The book opens with the murder scene as it happens and continues with Miss Marple, the main character, using her resources to find out who were the people involved in the murder.

Just by reading the beginning, I was able to maintain an interest in the novel. There were times where I found the novel bland because of the consistent description of the routine of the different characters involved. However, I continued to read because of how Christie was able to develop the story into the 5 W's.

There were cliffhanger chapters that were placed in such a way where I was able to question of what would happen next.

It was almost like reading a novel styled like a game of Clue. 

Overall, I found this novel interesting and playful. I wouldn't say it is extravagant but it has some kicks.

If you like a mystery with a shocking ending and a sharp female main character, I suggest picking this up.

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P.S. The video added on here is a clip from the episode of the Miss Marple series that covered the novel I reviewed here. Yes, the book series was turned into a TV show.

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