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Double Smash! Book Review Part 2. (Prosolar Mechanics)

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So far I have finished 15 books for the 2013 goodreads book challenge. Out of those 15 books I have finished three volumes this summer of a comic book series called Love and Rockets.

In my trips to the library I found the first volume on the stands and I figured why not? I've seen it so many times but never picked it up. So I did this time and boy was I glad.

Maggie the Mechanic: a Love and Rockets Book is a compilation by Jaime Hernandez that follows (in chronological order) the story of Maggie, a girl who lives with her best friend Hopey. One morning Hopey wakes Maggie up and pushes her out to work as a mechanic. From then on the comic follows her story as a mechanic and then diverges into the stories of her family and friends.

At first when I started reading this book, I was apprehensive because believe it or not, there was just too many words for me (I know I know!). But as I continued to read; I realized there is a good plot here. The inking and art style is what got me interested, but the stories themselves got me hooked. There are random dinosaurs, female wrestling, and surrealistic moments of human reflection through some of the characters. The characters themselves are definitely relateable and there is no gooey romances. The humor is great and there are some sad scenes but overall, it's a great comic book series.

If you are interested in comic books that have realistic themes such as break-ups, being gay/queer, punk, a mechanic but manage to keep a subtle science fiction tone, I would recommend this book to you.

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