Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Zombie Alert! Zombie Alert!


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pssst! Over here! Yes, you! Come here!

Have you heard about the new breed of zombie virus? Yes? Well have you read it? 

Well let me tell you: It's in this book called The Infects. Written by Sean Beaudoin in third person; The Infects tells the story of a boy with the name of Nick who after an accident at his job, he gets stuck at some sort of juvenile detention camp with other "inmates" who were sentenced for mysterious crimes. While at the camp, Nick is awake one morning to find one of the inmates among them had turned into a zombie and had started to devour the camp counselors there. From then on the zombie infection starts to spread throughout the campsite and further into the forest. 

Nick soon groups with the remaining human inmates who then fight to survive the zombie apocalypse. However, the crazy part is as they all continued to fight to survive in this forest full of Infects, Nick soon finds himself into a spiral of unprecedented events.

Reading this book, I found myself wrapped and hooked. The beginning of the book starts with quite a bang. The way in which Sean Beaudoin wrote this book was amazing. There is consistent dark humor through the pages parallel to that of your good meme and the suspense is not very predictable. I found myself every chance I could throughout my work week to continue reading this book. What was going to happen to Nick?! And the world at that?! And this is not the crazy part! 

The crazy part is close to the end where Nick discovers the origins of the zombie epidemic. I couldn't believe it. At the point of this discovery I found myself in anxious moment to discover what will happen next. Then all these conspiracy theories start coming into Nick's view in which not only had him thinking but had me thinking of society itself.

It was only a matter of time in which I started thinking what if this book is really just a huge metaphor for the crumbling of our youth's morale in today's society. Just plain crazy!!!! BUT DE-LI-CIOUS!

This is definitely an awesome book. And I would recommend it to those who love a good zombie that isn't your basic survival memoir. Or even for those of you who love a good conspiracy zombie story. And of course ZOMBIES!

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