Monday, November 4, 2013

It's a Tiger! It's a Quest! It's A Tiger's Quest!

Ahoy! *waves white flag weakly* I've been bombarded with work, that I have barely had time to post reviews on here.  I haven't even finished a lot of the books I had checked out at the library because of so much work. Sometimes, I just wish I could just flop and runaway somewhere. Go into some Alice in Wonderland trip and freak out because every plant and animal is a colorful animated thing that can talk (if you can catch my dark reference, I hope you liked it).

Anywho, I did manage to finish a few books that I will be reviewing...right about......NOW: *boom* commence confetti explosion:

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Remember my review on Tiger's Curse (Book 1 of the Tiger's Curse Series) back in June 2012? Well I was able to finish the second book called Tiger's Quest and man do I have a story for you. 

Just letting you know if this becomes a movie; it will become a hit. There is so much graphic action (and not too bloody either..sorry gory lovers) packed in this book, that I just sat and lapped it up. This is an improvement in writing from the last book. You can see that Houck put some thought into writing this book, especially the fighting scenes. 

There is romance with a sultry taste to it, that is the equivalent of a hot woman/man winking at you across the aisle and having an intense staring contest with you for a straight hour. (Talk about teassssiiiiing!). Secretly, the suspense is all the better from having that make out session you so desire....Sorry, got carried away there, but you somehow know what I mean (you do! you really do!) 

There were times that the sweetness and cheesiness from the first book will fly back in and slither on occasion but it compliments the sultry enough to be digested. I'd say continue reading the series and if you haven't already started check out the trailer in my first review for a hook. 

Not bad, Houck. 

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