Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Can you Say Cat Butterfly (Kafka Mash-up)

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Hello, hello, hello, hello

Hope you have started this year with a great celebration and a head start on your goals for the year.

I have made constant upkeep of my blogs part of my goals, so you will be hearing more of me here. Sometimes life gets you and you just have to laugh.......like the way this book right here did.

I found this book at a local library and I just laughed instantly at the cover. Come on!!!!! It's a cat's head on a man. A MANCAT. WITH A SERIOUS FACE. That is photoshop at its best. I picked this book up and did my usual routine of reading the first few pages. Which now that I think of it, I should stop. Being spontaneous comes in handy in getting to know what books not to read ever again and books you will always love.

Anywho, I started reading this book and discovered that it is actually a mash-up written by Coleridge Cook of the classic novel, Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka. In The Meowmorphosis, instead of the main character turning into a cockaroach; he turns into a big fat kitten (I am still laughing as I write this). The man turned-big-fat kitten, Gregor Samsa, goes through a journey in which he discovers more about his family, his life as a human being, and the life of a tabby on the streets. Yes, because of course, there is a gang of tabbies in this book that Gregor meets. (still laughing)
And the most awesome part of this book is the pictures included which accompany certain passages. I guess just to emphasize the imagery of certain scenes. Oh.man! If you like cat memes you will definitely laugh at the randomness and awkwardness of these pictures. It made some of the boring parts tolerable and even enjoyable.
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Even after I finished reading the story, I was still laughing. Coleridge Cook who decided to do this mash-up still continues the cat theme in the afterword.

I would definitely recommend reading the original version first before reading The Meowmorphosis. Regardless I know you will be laughing.

Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow,
Miss Bobo

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